White Label

Imagine…having your own social media network

Can my organization have our own Facebook? Our own YouTube? The answer is YES! The mySPORT team can create your own social media network with all of the functionality of the mySPORT platform. Control all content output, invite VIP members and influencers to create USG content, work with existing sponsors and new advertisers to generate revenues and give fans the best behind the scenes content available on social media!

On YOUR Platform

The mySPORT team can build you your own bespoke platform that sits within your digital environment! Imagine having the mySPORT functionality and revenue generation in your own colors and available for your fans to enjoy at the click of a button. mySPORT can create a platform where you own the data and monetisation.

With no up-front investment!

The mySPORT commercial model is 100% revenue share. We believe that our platform (with sufficient promotions and content offerings) will engage your audience and generate revenues within months of launch. Therefore, we will build your platform for free and will work on a rev share model to recuperate our costs. We will put our money where our mouths are—if we don’t earn for you, we don’t earn.