Monetise your social media with real-time engagement.

Are you ready to connect? 

The Premium Real Time Engagement Platform for sports organizations, creators & fans. mySPORT is the ultimate tool to create & engage a community around your sports content.

Create & Engage

As a rights holder or content creator, why hand over your hard-earned fans/followers to billion-dollar social media platforms?At mySPORT, we will work with you to directly engage your own fans/followers without having to pay platforms to access them.

All-in-One Platform

mySPORT merges the functionality of a number of social media platforms into one.mySPORT also offer eCommerce integration and revenue shares which are not found on other social media platforms.Therefore, rights holders and content creators can directly monetize in a much larger and faster way on mySPORT than any other platform.

Deliver engaging content with world class infrastructure and global partners.

mySPORT offers all of the social media tools already available across platforms in the marketplace—and some that aren’t! This provides you and your fans/followers with scale, performance, reach and the most engaging of user experiences.

Social Media Functions

On mySPORT, fans/followers are able to communicate with each other as they can on traditional social media platforms. In addition, they can create, join, follow and interact with communities via text, audio and video. Fans/followers can even create and join live two-way video shows/streams in real time—no matter where they are in the world. In this way, your fans will be closer to the action than ever before: they’ll literally be PART of it!

Social Media Features:

  • All forms of text
  • Live two-way audio talk shows (ala Clubhouse)
  • Live two-way video talk shows (interactive video podcasts)
  • Watch Parties
  • Live Trivia Game Shows
  • Any language
  • Capability of millions of ongoing conversations with audio/video simultaneously
This enhanced functionality means that there will be a greater variety of content available for fans leading to a wider variety of fans enjoying the content and staying on the platform for longer. These elements lead to enhanced data and revenue-generating opportunities.

Convert your reach into Revenue

Extend the reach of your content direct to your audience with speed and ease. Give your fans the ability to watch, engage and create around it on multiple devices. 

Social Commerce

mySPORT Entertainment provides the very best in social media and sports content, giving users a more engaging and interactive experience by directly connecting them with their favorite content creators live on screen. For rights holders and content creators, the opportunity is NOW to earn 5x to 10x more than you do with your existing social media outlets!

Revenue-generating Features:

  • Social Commerce (eCommerce combined with social media)
  • Tipping/Virtual Gifting 
  • Subscriptions & Pay-per-Views
  • Advertising & Sponsorship

For business partners and brands, get ready to unlock an amazing new world of influencer marketing through mySPORT. Tap into their followers to link with a new demographic of customers.  Use mySPORT’s analytics to more accurately find purchasers to increase your sales at a lower cost than other outlets. Through mySPORT’s proprietary technology, ensure your products/services are put in front of only the most appropriate consumers.  Find out more at mysport.asia.

Build fan lifetime relationships

Maximize the value of your content by rewarding loyalty, empower fan participation and community.

No Middle Man

Remove the “middle man” platform infrastructure as mySPORT is a partner of each rights holder/content creator. Directly own the data of your fans/followers and enjoy the partnership model through greater control of your commercial offerings and increased shares of revenues across the board.


Evolve from a siloed loyalty program into a connected one with mySPORT. As your organization/brand becomes part of the larger ecosystem of rights holders/content creators, you’ll gain access to members from other touchpoints, increasing your reach and revenue potential. While fans/followers accumulate more loyalty points throughout the ecosystem, they’ll be able to use them to purchase any content offerings that they wish, including yours.


As fans/followers spend more time on your channel, mySPORT will be able to know what content they prefer to see and how often/long they spend on the platform. In this way, we can target brand advertisers to content that specific fans are most likely to be watching. This leads to increased sales for brands and revenue for rights holders/content creators through commissions.